Coochy Freeto the Bunny.

He's a stand up comedian from Cataño that loves anything deep fried. Play reggaetón near him and he WILL eat you to death trying to defend his life. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Dieguillo the three eyed creature from under your bed.

He hops from house to house scaring the crap out of you when you are trying to go to sleep.

Yeah. Those weird sounds that you think are nothing? It's him.

Gastón the Black and Hairy Bunny.

Look. Buy loads of shaving gel and blades. This guy grows hair like there is no tomorrow.

Manly, I tell you.

Abelardo the Vampire.

He likes to cook! Specialties include blood sausage, coagulated blood ice cream and his favorite... blood soup.

He's trying to become a vegetarian. Good luck with that, dude.

Tabatha the Freckled Bunny.

She has an MBA in kicking people's asses. Has a mean sense of humor, uncontrollable anger and a disregard for safety that is paramount. I like her.

Ma' Tylda the Blue.

She was engaged to be married then the guy turned out to suck beyond belief so she had to eat him alive. He tasted like chicken.

Bartolo the Fotuto.

He's an incredible modern warfare weapon: just put him near someone that is being waterboarded and they will talk.

Gustavo the Jamaican Love Puppet.

He's extremely long and slim but only eats Oreos, the irony. Amado does his hair every two weeks with golden scissors.

He has one blue eye and one green eye. Why? I screw around with DNA, people. Deal with it.

Goyo Maguayo.

He recently had a second heart transplant, to bear the loss of that evil girl who broke his heart.

I don't know why she left him, he's such a catch: eats worm ceviche, he's a master on Human Being Taxidermy, sings in the shower and occasionally makes dirty bombs.

Cholo the Bear-Dog.

He wears his heart on his sleeve, barks to people he likes... and maims the ones that he doesn't.

MeeShoo the Evil Black Kitty Cat.

He truly embodies really crappy luck, but... he's so cute, how can't you resist not adopting him?

LolaLula the Ballerina Bear.

She's very quiet and shy. Feed her Butterfly soup and Graham Crackers to get her going.

More Fan Art!!!!

By Javier Alejandro!!!! The coolest!

Fan Art #1

Zhang Ahno.

He recently escaped the CPDRC. Although he really would have wanted to rehabilitate and leave his criminal ways behind... he just got tired of having to dance stupid Michael Jackson songs.

Opi the Droopy (AKA Doyo the Drunk).

He has a kind heart but he's kind of drunk all the time so from time to time he's annoying and obnoxious.

Abelardo The Missing Link.

At the end of the day, humans come from evil and alcoholic bunnies. Who would have known.


He's the latest in idiot technology, the dumbest robot in the whole wide world. But? He loves you long time. That counts for something.

Nando, The King of Bosses.

He runs a tattoo agency down in Caimito. He once had working for him a great little artist named Zee which wrote some great tattoo lines.

Someone once heard that he claimed that she was the best that ever worked at his shop. I agree with him, completely...

Toñita the Staring Dog.

She's the long lost sister of Toño. They both were separated at one ugly stint at the Auxilio Mutuo and their mother didn't know she had twins.

She's trying to find her brother but she just keeps staring and does nothing... Poor thing.